What is a Commercial Umbrella and What Sets it Apart?

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Parasols are used to protect an area from heat and sunlight, as well as giving protection from the unpredictable British weather. It’s a good way to offer your customers a better environment if you are in a particular type of business, where you largely rely on the footfall of customers coming into your shop, pub, café or anything else. This is especially true of businesses like restaurants and bars, where providing a better customer experience is going to secure you more custom and, ultimately, more profit.

Parasols and giant umbrellas are two good options to choose from if you are a business owner. They will offer you the level of protection that you need, and they will be robust enough for long-term use in a business environment. If you select parasols and umbrellas that have a good level of UV protection, then they will also not fade in sunlight and will keep on looking their best.

What makes a commercial umbrella or parasol so different?

In many ways, a commercial umbrella or parasol will be much the same as one for use in a residential area. Some things will set them apart though, including:

  • The strength of the material. It will need to be stronger to stand up to heavy commercial usage and to give you your money’s worth. Make sure that the umbrella you choose is specifically designed for commercial use and ask about the material. They should be made from canvas or a high quality acrylic that will give you many years of use in your chosen industry.
  • The poles and bases. The umbrella will need to attach to a building, a table or to stand up on its own. To do this, it will need to have a strong method of attachment that will stand the test of time. Stronger, larger poles are often used to make commercial umbrellas more durable.
  • The design and style. A commercial umbrella or parasol needs to look attractive and inviting, but it doesn’t need to be intricate. Chances are your commercial umbrella will be made up of large areas of material that is strong and sturdy, and that is going to be easy to fold down. You will also usually be able to choose a parasol or umbrella that is bigger, so you can cover a larger area. Some restauranteurs choose to cover a whole courtyard or garden area with a parasol.

Making your parasol work for you The main thing is to make sure that the umbrella or parasol you choose is going to suit your space perfectly. These types of umbrellas don’t come cheap – at least, if you are buying a high-quality brand that will last you for years to come. It’s too important a decision to make the wrong one, so spend plenty of time researching your chosen brand of umbrella or parasol to see whether it is going to be right for you and your business. Speak to a supplier and run your ideas past them, and ask them to offer you advice.