Picking New Metal Fencing for a Domestic Property

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Metal fences for homes can serve many purposes – garden boundary markers, aesthetic enhancements, safety features for young children and pets. When installing new metal fencing, there are various points for homeowners to consider to ensure they pick the right option for their property. This will cover some of the key considerations, and steps that need to be taken to choose the perfect metal fencing to complement a property.

Firstly, let’s think about why a metal fence is a good option. Wooden fences are also popular for gardens and can, quite rightly, make for a great investment and aesthetic enhancement. However wooden fences can take more maintenance and work on a regular basis, as they can warp and rot if not properly looked after. They may need to have varnishes and preservatives applied to them to keep them resistant to harsh weather conditions and to make sure they don’t rot or experience fungal attacks. Metal, for this reason alone, can be a more low maintenance investment. If a rust free type of metal is chosen, it can last for a very long time with little in the way of maintenance.

What are metal fences used for in a domestic setting?

How are domestic fences and gates used around homes? More often than not, they are used as garden fencing. They might be used for front gardens, where a lower fence will be enough. If higher fences are needed, then metal gates can still provide the perfect solution – they will often be used with metal gates such as driveway gates to complete the look and ensure security has been fully considered.

What are the advantages of metal fencing over other types of fencing?

These are some of the key benefits of metal fencing:

  • Strong and weatherproof. Metal fencing is very strong and resilient, and it is a good choice in the long term.
  • Value for money. Its long-lasting nature means a good return on investment. Even if the cost of installation is higher, the fencing will not need to be replaced on a regular basis. Often, if you buy cheap fencing, you need to buy it more often because it simply doesn’t last.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Metal fencing in a wrought iron style is the most popular option for homes. It can suit properties of all styles – it’s very versatile and creates a sense of distinction and grandeur wherever it is used. It is a good alternative to wood or a picket fence.
  • Available in various sizes. Metal fence panels can be bought in various sizes to suit different size gardens and properties. It should be simple to source fence panels that are the correct size for a property.

If a particular size is needed and is not available as standard, metal fencing can also be made to measure. This means that it will be the perfect size, which is important if it is being used with gates and other structures. Many metal gate suppliers will be able to offer a custom made gate service.