Made to Measure Online Roller Doors

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Garage doors and larger doors for properties are often relatively easy to buy online. What is more difficult is buying the right size and making sure the doors you pick will be perfect for your property. In fact, buying roller doors online can be made much, much easier by choosing made to measure options. These are guaranteed to fit perfectly, which will in turn make them more secure as well as more thermally efficient. They can also be made more aesthetically appealing as all parts of the door can be customised to suit the needs and tastes of the person buying it.

It is not always possible to get made to measure roller doors, but when shopping with the right brand, it is certainly a possibility. It should be clear from a website whether or not doors can be made to measure and if so, what the maximum and minimum sizes are, and if there are any other requirements to take into account too. This all need to be carefully considered but in general, there will be very few drawbacks to having a roller garage door made to measure for your property.

Is a roller door the right option for you, and if so, should you think about having a roller door made to measure for your property? There are of course lots of things to consider, and to take into account for every individual. Here are some of the things you should consider when you might be thinking about a roller door, and whether it should be made to measure:

  • Is this the right door design for you? Roller doors are unique and open vertically to save space on your driveway or road. There are few reasons why a made to measure roller door might not be right for you. Reasons might include wanting something different in terms of aesthetics, such as a sectional door or a round the corner garage door.
  • Do you have anything awkward about your property that might affect your garage door decision? If your garage door is an awkward size and the door opening is unusual, or if you are having a new garage built and the size may be tight, then a bespoke door might be the best option for you. It will not look any different on the surface but will also provide the perfect fit.
  • Do you have a timescale? Made to measure doors are often the perfect option for meeting the needs of the homeowner in terms of specifications. However, if you have a very tight deadline and you need the door to be fitted quickly, a made to measure door might take a little longer to be scoped out and manufactured. If you are thinking about this option and you have a tight deadline it is generally advisable to speak to the manufacturer because they can advise you on what is possible in terms of purchasing and installation, depending on what you are going to need for your property and garage.