Hörmann Doors for Safety and Quality

Are you in the market for a new garage door? Then you will probably have come across Hörmann aluminium doors, considering they are one of the more popular and premium brands in the industry. Hörmann doors are known across Europe for their high-quality operation and sleek technical design, so a Hörmann door is always going to be a good investment for you.

Types of door 

Hörmann’s range of aluminium doors is available largely as roller doors, meaning that a curtain of metal closes down over the garage door opening. This then locks down securely, giving you a highly secure garage door design that will serve you well, long into the future. As standard, these doors will be electrically operated, so there is none of the difficulty associated with opening up a heavy manual garage door. They will be fully controllable with a switch or a remote control, making everything about operating this door easy. The door’s motor will be located on the outside, which is much easier for maintenance – if anything should go wrong in the future, or your door needs servicing, the maintenance engineer won’t need to dismantle your door.

Roller doors from Hörmann

Aluminium is a great material for a garage door. Light and yet very strong, you know your door will be easy to use but also very strong. It has excellent insulating properties, good if your garage is attached to your home, or you use it as a gym, studio or another extension of your home.

You can select a range of different finishes to suit your tastes. Aluminium roller doors are simple in their design, so they will easily blend in and go with a modern or traditional aesthetic as required. Choose a colour that will match with your home, or opt for a wood finish to your Hormann aluminium doors.