Extending your home’s perimeter is, in the minds of many, a desirable option. Doing so gives the home owner/inhabitant two main benefits; a larger living space, and a more valuable home. Doing so also has a couple of drawbacks too though; it can take a lot of time to accomplish, which can be disruptive (and expensive), and because, by extending your home, you’re taking areas of your garden in return.

If you fully understand the pros and cons of of starting to extend your property and still want to go ahead, and have the money to do so, it is worth knowing what a number of your options are. A lot of people who perform an extension do so to lengthen the size of their kitchen or living room, but there are still many other options which are worth considering. Our list of recommended options are:

  • A glass room/conservatory is something which fits well with a lot of people’s homes and lifestyles. It is a particularly good option if you’ve got a great view on the other side of the glass. Importantly, a glass room can be a great way to bring the outside inside, simply by growing a few potted plants inside the room.
  • A porch is, strictly speaking not really an extension. It doesn’t require much by way of building work or planning; just about anybody can install it. This is also its biggest advantage though, as you’ll get a great living space for considerably smaller investment of time and money.
  • Garden decking is much like a porch in its functionality and the cost of its installation. Another advantage of them both is that you can install them without planning permission.
  • Indoor swimming pools are another great option for home extensions. While they can be more expensive than an outdoor variety, they are easier to maintain, cheaper to heat, and usable year round, despite the English climate.
  • Extensions don’t necessarily just have to go outwards, they can also go up or down too. Installing another room underneath your home is a tricky proposition, but extending your garage by installing a second floor is relatively simple.


While these are just a few of the options at your disposal, they offer a lot of opportunities to the aspiring home owner. You can use any of these and them create your own little spin on the design and style of them. Doing so could see the extension match well with your style and taste, and improve the functionality of the extra space considerably.