The Estrada blog covers a whole range of ideas for improving and updating your property with bespoke designs. The possibilities are endless, and with just a little bit of inspiration from us you can create a unique, beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy. Everything which you do to your property is putting your own stamp on it, and you can choose styles which will suit the building and your own personal tastes. It might even give you the chance to add value to your property. Here are some of our favourite ideas for developing your space and making it truly individual:

  • Build a conservatory. This is a brilliant way of extending your home without taking up too much space. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round from within the comfort of your own home. There are lots of different designs to choose from. If you prefer, you can opt for an orangery, which has a more robust design and incorporates more brickwork to make the structure look like a natural part of the existing building.
  • Change the structure’s outside appearance using cladding. If your building is looking a little tired, spruce it up with some new cladding. You can choose from lots of different finishes to refresh your building’s appearance or change it entirely.
  • Landscape your garden. There are so many options to explore, and by combining flowerbeds, plants, trees, hedges and other features, you can achieve a look which is completely bespoke. It may be worth consulting a professional in order to get the best results possible.
  • Build decking into your garden. Decking provides a chic, modern look in any garden area, and it’s a convenient way of designating a seating area and creating a flat surface for furniture.
  • Invest in a swimming pool or hot tub for your property. Whilst these won’t come cheap, they’ll give your home a high-end look and are a great way of entertaining family and friends.
  • Add an awning. These are an attractive touch for your seating area, and come in a range of styles and designs. You can have manual or electrically operated awnings, and they’re a convenient way of providing an area of shade as well as looking stylish.
  • If you want something more permanent, try a pergola. You could install a traditional wooden pergola without too much difficulty, and can decorate it with plants such as roses or ivy. Pergolas with more elaborate designs such as stone columns are also an option.
  • Add a fire pit or BBQ area. Building these in permanently saves a lot of hassle in the summer months when you want to use them but don’t want to have to dig them out of storage and blow away the cobwebs. They’ll also look attractive, and can make a beautiful addition to a patio area, or act as a centrepiece for a lawn.
  • Extend your BBQ area to a full outdoor kitchen area. You can have sinks, fridges, workspace and all of the mod cons whilst enjoying spending time in the great outdoors.