Choosing a Chain Hoist from Donati

When using cranes, you will need a hoist in order to actually lift the load. Choosing a Donati chain hoist is always a good option, as these products are high quality, reasonably priced and very reliable on site. A chain hoist will give you the strength and flexibility you need to carry out a range of lifting processes and operations.

Who is Donati? 

Donati is based in Italy, but they have UK offices as well, meaning they can offer sales support and supply products easily and quickly. They are known are one of the biggest names in the lifting equipment industry and their products are market leaders. They supply a wide range of lifting equipment, such as hoists, jib cranes and bridge cranes. They carry out thorough checks on their materials and equipment to make sure it all meets with their high standards. They have formed relationships with many customers and suppliers, making them an excellent option for purchasing lifting equipment and hoists.

What is a chain hoist? 

There are two main types of chain hoist – the hand chain hoist and the electric chain hoist. A hand chain hoist is used when there is not any power available. The hoist can be operated manually and will usually be able to lift loads of around 30 Tonnes. They can also be used to move and transport the load, by attaching the hoist to a beam trolley. Electric chain hoists are more commonly used, as they give much more flexibility and capacity. They will also usually lift loads of around 30 Tonnes, but they also come with a wide range of additional features:

  • Dual speed. Use different speeds for getting the load into the right position, and for moving it more quickly into place.
  • Chain container. This allows for tidier, safer working. It will collect the excess slack chain as the hoist is in operation. It’s always recommended that a container is used, even if it is just a low-cost option.
  • Limit switches. This prevents the hoist being used inaccurately and causing damage. It will set positions for maximum and minimum hook paths, with upper and lower limit switches.
  • Radio remote controls. This is the modern option and it replaces the need for a wired pendant control. Operators can control the chain hoist from a safe distance and still maintain ultimate control. They will be able to move and see the load from different angles to make lifting more accurate.

Often chain hoists will be designed for a specific application. You should know some details when you try to order a Donati chain hoist, like the height of the lift required, the working load you need, the voltage, and the beam clamp width. By choosing a good quality chain hoist like Donati, you know you will get the maximum working life out of your hoist. Chain hoists are strong and robust, however, you must remember to service and inspect them regularly. This is a safety requirement for lifting equipment and is part of your duty when you use cranes and chain hoists.