A Brief Overview of Steel Sectional Garage Doors

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Buying and fitting steel sectional garage doors is a major investment in your property. It is major in that this type of door will not be cheap; it is an investment in that you are making a tangible, valuable difference. Modern sectional doors made from steel are durable and high quality, lasting you well into the future and giving you excellent value for money. Whether you need a new garage door imminently or you are looking to upgrade because of the convenience for you, a steel sectional door can often be the way to go. Here, learn about the various benefits a new sectional door can hold for you and explore the options that come with it.

Sectional garage doors are suitable for a wide range of properties, for many different styles, and for meeting many practical needs as well. They can meet all needs in many different ways. For example, if you are looking for a more practical type of door with easy opening and operation, a sectional door can meet your needs. If you are looking for a space saving solution because you want to maximise the space that is on your driveway, a sectional door is perfect (due to the vertical opening mechanism). If you want a door that looks good and is simple to use as well, then a steel sectional door has a lot to offer you.

These are some of the key attributes of sectional garage doors, which will help you to think about what will be right for your property:

  • Simplicity is key. A sectional door is often preferred because it can be anything you want it to be – a barrier against break ins, an attractive entryway, protection for your prized vehicles, a well insulated option… The fact that sectional doors are almost a blank canvass and that they work in such a simple and efficient way is a major part of their appeal. They can also be used with both square and arched openings, making them more adaptable. Whatever type of garage and opening you have, you can pick our your preferred steel sectional door for it.
  • Different designs (ribbed, wide ribbed, panelled and more). There are different finishes that can be chosen depending on your individual preferences. Where a simpler design is preferable, a smaller ribbed design might be your personal choice. Where a traditional look is more suitable for your property, then a panelled design might be your choice instead.
  • Steel is a strong and durable material. There are lots of ways to make a garage more secure and installing a steel sectional door is one of them. Made from steel, they are very strong and hardy, resistant to rust and capable of standing up to any of the harsh weather conditions that are thrown at them. Steel is a very good option all round, making it more secure and better protected. It is one of the best materials you can buy in terms of general security, as you can rely on the door to withstand forced entry up to a much greater degree than other kinds of door (especially older ones). Many people choose steel for a whole variety of reasons and security is often a key one of these reasons. Insulation is another, as steel is a very good insulating material. It will make for lower u-values, so the garage will be more temperate. This is because steel is a good material in both cold and hot weather. If strength is a big factor and you don’t want your door to dent if knocked accidentally, as well as being good protection against potential break ins, then steel could well be the right type of material for you and your door.
  • Automatic opening makes for simple exit and entry. Sectional doors are usually automatic and will be connected up to electricity, making it so simple for you to get into your garage. For many people who have an older garage door, the idea of simply opening it up at the flick of a switch, the click of a button or the opening of a smartphone app is revolutionary. It can make it so much easier to get quick entry into the garage and come in and out as you please, especially if you are driving a car into the garage. Picture being able to open your garage door from your car and then drive it straight in. It can save you significant amounts of time as you go about your normal everyday life.